The SSISDB Catalog was introduced in SQL Server 2014. With it came a lot of procedures to manage deployed SSIS projects. The procedures cover running, configuring, managing and troubleshooting SSIS packages.

In this post I will cover a procedure that can be used to run SSIS packages. The procedure is SSISDB.catalog.create_execution.


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SQL Server recovery time

SQL Server Recovery time is the time it takes for SQL Server to rollback or roll-forward transaction not yet persisted to the database after a service restart. Transactions that are uncommitted are rolled back, and transactions that are committed but not yet persisted are rolled forward.

Depending on the volume of transactions that needs to be handled during recovery, recovery may take a long time to perform. This affects the time it takes for a SQL Server restart. Another example when recovery times become a factor is when a failover is done in a SQL Server cluster.

So how can we know how long the recovery time will be?


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The dynamic management view sys.dm_exec_cached_plans returns information on query plans currently in memory. This information can be useful for a lot of reasons: checking total memory allowed for cached plans, which plans aren’t getting reused, searching for certain query plan operators (for instance, scans), which query plans are high memory consumers etc.


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Calculating Earned Premium in SQL Server

In most business, when a company receives payment for a sold product, that payment can be considered an income. But to an insurance company, only the part of the premium that has been earned (Earned Premium) can be considered as income. The rest is the unearned premium, or the premium reserve. How the premium is earned vary between insurance products and industries. Here I’ll show a couple of methods and how they are calculated in SQL Server.


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