The SSISDB Catalog was introduced in SQL Server 2014. With it came a lot of procedures to manage deployed SSIS projects. The procedures cover running, configuring, managing and troubleshooting SSIS packages.

In this post I will cover a procedure that can be used to run SSIS packages. The procedure is SSISDB.catalog.create_execution.


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Mapforce 2014

Running an MapForce mapping from SSIS

In an earlier blog post I demonstrated how to map between hierarchical (XML) and relational (SQL) data using Altova MapForce. I also mentioned that MapForce can generate code (C#, C++, XSLT for instance) to execute the mapping in an environment outside MapForce. This being a blog mostly about SQL Server, one obvious question is how to run the generated mapping from SSIS.


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Add missing lookup in SSIS

Before a fact table is loaded, a common pattern is to do a lookup in SSIS before the loading. The lookup can be some key from a dimension for instance, or maybe a repository of primary keys in a MDM solution. But what if the lookup doesn’t return a matching value? Sometimes when this happens, we want to insert new values to the lookup table (to get the key) before the loading of the fact table starts. Here I’ll show one way to handle this scenario.


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