Toggl Time entries to SQL Server


Toggl is a very simple to use cloud based time tracking application. Time entries on projects and clients can be submitted through the web page or through mobile and desktop applications. Time spent by the team can be viewed in the different reports that can be accessed via their web page. There is a free version that handles much of the time tracking needs, and there are more advanced paid versions as well.

If you want to integrate the information stored at Toggl with your own enviromnent, you can use their API. One way is to download time entries to your own SQL Server database, which is the method I’ll present here.

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SQL Server recovery time

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Recovery time is the time it takes for SQL Server to rollback or roll-forward transaction not yet persisted to the database after a service restart. Transactions that are uncommitted are rolled back, and transactions that are committed but not yet persisted are rolled forward.

Depending on the volume of transactions that needs to be handled during recovery, recovery may take a long time to perform. This affects the time it takes for a SQL Server restart. Another example when recovery times become a factor is when a failover is done in a SQL Server cluster.

So how can we know how long the recovery time will be?

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